Making a Project

Your Dreams Are Our Work 

How a tailor-made project born

1.     Your request

Drawing created by the customer
Drawing created by the customer
Drawing created by the customer
Drawing created by the customer

In the first phase of creating a tailor-made project, we start from your idea. 

Some customers take inspiration from a model in our catalog, but everything can also start from your imagination and needs. In this example, the customer was inspired by a wardrobe in our Classic Day catalog. In the request he specified the changes to be made and attached a sketch with the measures to be respected for his home. 

A page of our catalog
A page of our catalog

2.    Processing and estimate 

In the second phase of processing you choose the construction material, the interior and exterior finishes and any decorations you need. In this process you will be recommended by our experienced team.

Once the choice of products has been made, we estimate the price.

3.    Tecnichal design

The third phase involves the creation of the 3D model with our designer. Here you will see your idea take shape and you can also make any changes.

4.    Construction of the raw product

In the realization we rely on expert carpenters who use certified and selected wood and high quality materials. The model is handcrafted, sanded and checked in every detail.

5.     Painting

In this phase the model is painted and decorated by our qualified staff. in this case, the cabinet has been finished with a Natural finish on the inside and Rosmarino Gotico on the outside, with gold leaf details.

6.     Packaging and shipping

In the last phase of processing, the finished product is perfected with the application of handles and hardware, carefully packed and entrusted to the shipping company.

Soggiorno Rosmarino

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