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Since 1978

Innovating The Italian Tradition 

Metamorfosi srl has been operating in the furniture sector for morer than 40 years, inspired by the tradition of classic furniture par excellence. In recent years the company has created contemporary collections to satisfy all kinds of customers. 

The artisan company is located in Casale di Scodosia in the Veneto Po valley south / west of the Euganean Hills and on the border with the walled city of Montagnana. Known as the country of style furniture and antiques, woodworking has always been active in Casale, which led with the advent of industrial progress to develop the production of classic style furniture to become the main activity of country. 

When you choose one of our products

You choose to support an entire sector, wood dealers, carpenters, upholstery, hardware, paint workshops and all that local craftsmanship chain that has kept this territory alive for generations. By choosing a Metamorfosi and CP product, you choose a unique piece, the result of decades of experience handed down from father to son and the quality of made in Italy that has distinguished us for years. 

Two brands. Our history. 

In 1978 Benito Pernechele opened his business of polishing and selling art furniture. A company born as a small family artisan reality, a job and a passion that has been handed down from father to son until today and which, thanks to the continuous aesthetic and practical research going to draw on different historical and cultural periods, has developed in the years a wide selection of collections. It is for this reason that today the C.P. - Italian Furniture offers the customer a wide range of choices, while at the same time trying to simplify it, dividing the different styles of furniture into specific catalogs.

In 2014 METAMORFOSI was born, a new brand with registered trademark. It represents the business evolution, the necessary change. Characterized by a design oriented to the exaltation of original and innovative finishes, it enters the world market with a non-competitive line, designed and engineered by the company itself. A collection that wants to show a different conception of furnishing: sartorial furniture. That is, a piece of furniture that comes from an idea and is realized in the project, from the choice of material, to that of the shape and finally of the finish. 


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