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Natural Line

In a world increasingly oriented towards ecology and with growing attention to the environment, with Metamorfosi the choice of living in a healthy and chemical-free home is now possible thanks to the Natural finishing line. Made with certified products DIN EN 71-3 and Angelo Azzuro. Choosing a piece of furniture with this type of finish is something deeper than a simple choice of furniture, it means designing a house that is synonymous with a better life because this is where the health of those who live it starts.

The Natural line invites you to discover the pleasure of living a natural piece of furniture on which you can

write, sleep, eat. 

The quality of the wood will remain intact over time because it is nourished with an oiling based on waxes, vegetable resins and oils, elements with which the plant protects itself naturally. This type of treatment penetrates into the pores of the wood, letting it transpire and making it resistant to UV rays, wear and humidity, and allows to counteract the accumulation of electrostatic charges, guaranteeing real comfort and daily well-being. Looking at it and caressing it will be a sensory experience of softness. The natural "wrinkles" of the wood are not covered but remain visible transmitting a greater feeling of authenticity. Thus, in harmony with the company's eco-sustainable philosophy, combined with ancient knowledge, the Natural line represents the future of furniture, for a home that fully respects nature and represents us in this.

Furnishings completely made with our ecological finishes. 

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