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Metamorfosi has been operating for more than 40 years in the made in Italy furniture sector, exporting quality furniture all over the world with attention to the smallest details, from the raw product to the polishing. 

Over the years our products have evolved to meet every design need with solutions ranging from classic to modern. 

Two Brands. Our History.

Exprience, traditon

In our many years of work experience we have gone through different fashions and traditions, against unchanged our choice towards artisan excellence in its best expressions: the attention to detail, the quality materials, the uniqueness of the result. 

It could not be otherwise, having grown up in an area known all over the world for its deep-rooted tradition of producing wooden furniture and accessories. A territory that speaks of manual work and the search for beauty, a story written by skilled cabinetmakers and decorators. 

This is our essence, and our customers can find it in every product we make for them.

The Birth of a new Brand

Metamorfosi arises from the strong need in us for a change, and it is no coincidence that it takes this name. In an era in which the requests for unique and modern furniture are becoming more and more numerous, the need to evolve as a company becomes concrete and tangible; this is how in 2014 we decided to found this new brand, ductile, flexible and capable of satisfying all furnishing needs.

 Aware that there can be no evolution without transformation, with the collaboration of our interior designer and through a careful study by the laboratory staff, we wanted to reinterpret, in lines and colors, through patinas and innovative finishes, the tradition of the Italian furniture in order to satisfy the requests of increasingly attentive, sophisticated and demanding customers. 

Our Strengths

WE OFFER a wide range of products ranging from living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom furnishings to furnishing accessories. But the real pride of the company lies in the internal polishing of the company, which allows us to ensure our customers a product with attention to the smallest details and different types of finishes, thus satisfying the most varied needs. 

WE USE materials of European origin. The paints comply with European standards while respecting the environment. The raw materials come from controlled and selected cutting woods and are processed only after an adequate seasoning and drying time, to guarantee excellent processing and stability over time. 

WE ARE COMMITTED to offering our customers professionalism and attention to their needs, respect for delivery times, complete assistance from our qualified operators with the possibility of designing spaces and creating technical drawings on request, as well as obviously guaranteeing the precious uniqueness of our pieces of furniture. 

Metamorfosi Projects

Metamorfosi Projects is a new branch of our company born from the need of our customers to have a company able to provide  furnitures, tailored and customized for their needs, but which still maintains the quality and organization to ship safely in every part of the world. Supported by expert designers and carpenters we have created this design studio to give you the possibility to create the unique furniture you have always wanted.

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The Future of furnishing

100% Natural certified finishes 

Take a look to our Natural Line: impregnating finishes made entirely with vegetable oils, waxes and resins, completely non-toxic and free of chemical agents. 

Choosing Natural Line is something deeper than a simple choice of furniture, it means designing a future-oriented home, which is synonymous with a better life for you and your children. 

Click below to access our area dedicated to eco-design and discover healthy furniture where you can write, sleep, eat.

" Give Art a Chance "

Art comes to life in our furnitures 

Come and discover our unique and exclusive finishes, with Metamorfosi there is no limit to your imagination!

With us you can give shape to your desires, every piece of furniture we make is completely customizable, just contact us and briefly explain your project. 

In our dedicated section you can see examples of personalized furnitures. 

An Art Passed Down by Three Generations

A story to tell 

From an area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly that has made antiques its flag, Casale di Scodosia has distinguished itself over time for the craftsmanship of stylish furniture. Metamorfosi is the result of this territory and of passion. 

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Metamorfosi e C.P. collections

Come and discover our range of collections in the dedicated sections. You will find products suitable for every taste or style, otherwise let yourself be inspired by the shapes to create a tailor-made product for you starting from one of our models. Take your time to download and browse some of our catalogs.

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