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From the combination of imagination, experimentation and dexterity comes a line of new finishes, some classic revisited, specially designed for Metamorfosi and handcrafted with the use of controlled high quality dyes and patinas.

Elegant and refined, our finishes can be created in multiple effects, customized on the furniture itself and with an exclusive result. Each finish is in fact reinterpreted in a creative way inspired by the piece of furniture on which it is created, enhancing its lines and making it one of a kind. With a strong aesthetic impact, they transmit character to the rooms of the house, making it an exclusive place that reflects the personality of those who live. They give singularity and refinement to any context, ancient or more contemporary, making all artistic solutions precious. 

Why We Are Different

With experience, passion and continuous research carried out in our laboratory, we have created unique effects and exclusive finishes of their kind. 

Gothic Line

From an idea of ​​eclectic imperfection, reinventing leaf processing techniques, this exclusive line of finishes is born. 

The effect that each of them gives to the furniture, undoubtedly hypnotic and seductive, is achieved through sensual mixes of colors and top quality leaves that recall nuances of natural environments, from the tones of the undergrowth to the vivid reflections of the water, with changing luminescences to depending on the point of view from which you observe them. 

A line of high artistic taste, extremely elegant and whimsical. 

Natural-ecological finishes

In a world increasingly oriented towards ecology and with growing attention to the environment, with Metamorfosi the choice of living in a healthy home free of chemical and allergenic agents is now possible thanks to the finishes of the Natural line. It invites you to discover the pleasure of living a healthy piece of furniture on which to write, sleep, eat. 

The natural "wrinkles" of the wood are not covered but remain visible transmitting a greater feeling of authenticity. 

Choosing the finishes of the Natural line is a gesture of love for the environment, for the people who make the finished piece of furniture and for those who will live it. 

Original Line

Line of finishes and customizations specially designed for Metamorfosi and handcrafted using strictly controlled high quality dyes and patinas, with the aim of giving new light to the past, enhancing its refinement but preserving its prestige. 

This line was born from the desire to transform furniture into style, which has always been known for those certain aesthetic standards, dressing it with new colors and unusual finishes. 

The effects and the particular way of working the Original finishes are always dominated by the utmost artisan attention. 

Customization with drawings or prints

Unique leaf decorations

Vintage effects

Valuable fabrics

Quality handles

Essential finishes

Decorations on leather

Our low environmental impact finishes 

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